The most affordable 27″ 4K Monitors for Programming in 2019 (cheapest).

I did google this myself as well and did go through a lot of tech and review websites. Most of them, if not all, miss these awesomely priced 4k monitors. Maybe because they don’t come from a big names like Dell or LG, but they look very decent and both manufactured in 2019 with 4k thin bezel panels.

These 4k monitors can boost productivity of any designers, programmers, video editing or photography or just general use.

1. AOC U2790VQ 27″ 4K Frameless Monitor

As of this writing, this monitor costs only $269.99 on Amazon and Walmart.

Vital specs:

Brightness: 350 nits

Color: 1.07 Billion colors

Display colors: Color support 1.07 billion colors

Color gamut (typical): NTSC 91% , sRGB 109%

VESA mount: Yes 

Full specs on official website:

2. Philips 276E8VJSB 27″ 4K Monitor UltraNarrow Border, 1 Billion+colors 

This monitor shares the same display panel as AOC. You will be comparing design and look. AOC comes with VESA mount, Philips doesn’t.

This is pretty much it. You can’t go wrong with either of these monitors, where price and quality concerned.

Full specs official website:

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